Card Through Arm Trick

Conjuring is a super simple self working card trick that uses any nine cards and will delight family and friends.

Magic Compass

Magic Compasses can yield the most unexpected directions.


Rub an ordinary coin on your elbow until it disappears!

The Four Burglars

Four burglars enter the deck to rob the joint. Watch as they make a miraculous escape!

Card force for Kids

Mary shows first time magicians how to perform the age old art of the card force.

  • 3D-rabbits-magic-by-gosh-michael-ammar

    3D Rabbits by Michael Ammar

  • Coin Away coin through glass

  • Color changing silks

  • Sale! magic compass

    Magic Compass

    $3.99 $2.99
  • Obedient ball magic trick

    Obedient Ball

  • Silk Vanishing Wand

    Silk Vanishing Wand

  • The-great-big-book-of-magic-tricks-cover

    The Great Big Book of MAGIC Tricks