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  • You’ll need a key card for each hand of poker you deal out. ex. 2H,4H,6H,8H,10H This can be any 5 cards you like as long as it’s easy to remember which came first, second, third, etc.

What you’ll need:

  • A Regular Deck of Cards.
  • 5 spectators.
  • card-between-plate

    Card Between Plates

  • Crossed Cards

  • Emerson and West's color Monte

    Emerson and West’s Color Monte

  • Jim Pace The Web

    Jim Pace’s The Web

  • Knockout Magic by Caleb Wiles

  • magic mystery deck playing cards

    Magic Mystery Deck

  • Magician’s Insurance policy 2.0

  • Rematch by Caleb Wiles

  • Subterranean Deceptions by Mike Pisciotta

    Subterranean Deceptions by Mike Pisciotta

  • UFO Whirling Helicopter Card Spinning Magic Trick

    The UFO Whirling Helicopter card

  • ultimate-re-maxed-iceolation-kieron-johnson

    Ultimate Re-maxed Iceolation by Kieron Johnson